Postural and Breathing approach Workshop

Ché Guevarastraat 15 – 3573 BK Utrecht

December 14th 2019 from 10am to 5pm

This workshop will give you a better understanding of what you’re looking for in your Tai Ji practice. If you don’t practice Tai Ji it could be a good opportunity to discover this Art of body and mind awareness.

Using very specific exercises we will focus on one part of the body after the other, In order to enhance the picture of your postural and breathing habits.

After that, you will be able to transfer this knowledge in your daily life and specific practices.

It really helps you to improve your health and it will be a basis for further training.

To enhance your Tai Ji practice !

To discover the effects of a good posture and smooth breathing


With simple exercises, that everybody can do, we will explore the basics of physiological breathing and anatomic posture.


– To give  you tools  to  use  to  relieve  or avoid  the  breathing,  postural and  energetic blockages in daily life

– To understand  the  biomechanical  aspects  to rediscover  the  breathing, moving  and energetic freedom in your body

– To integrate the techniques  in your daily activities, Sports and Tai Ji, Yoga, Meditation



Feet how and why they ground

Pelvic girdle how and why it rotates under

Shoulder girdle how and why it should move



How it works in physiological sense

Which parts of the anatomy are used in breathing

When and why to use the different types of breathing


How we can protect it

Why it has to be a daily focus

When it has to be curved or straight


Workshop by Sandra Cross

Sports & Martial Arts teacher (specialized in Kung Fu/ Taiji / Meditation)/ Wellbeing consultant

« I would like to share with you a training method of wellbeing that uses breathing and posture, which is a way to balance your energy. This approach aims to develop your body awareness and refine your movement. The exercises are done in standing, sitting and laying down position. »

“During the workshop I will explain, show and make you do 7 exercises. At the end of the day you will receive notes and videos. I teach this method since 10 years for a large amount of people

(in Companies / Personal training / Groups / Tai ji & Yoga practisers)”